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Goggles my thoughts

#cudstorotto19Gear & Equipment  May 30, 2018

So one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to share my experiences and things that have help me achieve my goals in open water swimming over the last 4 years. I wanted to give people my thoughts and my advice. I am an amateur open water swimmer so take that in mind as you read my posts. I am happy to talk to you about open water swimming from my experiences.

One think I have found over the years is your training equipment makes a lot of difference, you need to use swimming aids to improve your swimming. This helps you with strength, stroke improvement and speed in the water. So it is very important to mix up your swimming as you train for next open water challenge or just fitness.

To start with one of the most important items you will need is goggles and this is not as easy as you think. I have been looking for the right pair of goggles for years and the selection range is huge. A few key points you need, firstly a good seal nothing worst than being have way into a swim set or have way across the Rotto channel and having a goggle leak. You want to make sure the goggles are a good fit to your face and eyes. That there form a seal a good way to do this is place the goggles on your face and they should sit there without the strap around your head. Second comfort this is highly recommended, if you are training for a solo or a team open water event or just for fitness this tool (goggles) you will be wearing for long periods of time so make sure you try the goggles before you bye. Ensure they sit on your face right that they don’t press onto your check bone or apply to much pressure on your face. Third is visibility read the reviews about the goggles and how other people have found them. Bye two pairs if you are training at different times of the day, tinted lens for day and a clear lens for early morning and even swims. Don’t wipe the inside of the lens if you don’t need to. Use an anti-fog stick to clean the inner lens. There are so many different types out there and different people like different looks. The best I have found for me are Fiski goggles great seal super comfortable and amazing visibility too. They are pretty stylish too


Fiski Goggles if you want to check them out. Again these are my preferred goggles so make sure you do your homework I hope this information helps feel free to ask me any questions if you want to about goggles there are the second most important item you need after your swim suit 

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