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So I heard of this new pair of goggles my friends, brothers, wife had developed and because she was from Western Australia I had to give them a go. The goggle market is full of many styles, colour ways and varieties and that’s just from one major manufacturer. For a mum from Perth to enter this market is a bold move, but do you know what? I think she has done an amazing job.

Her brief, which I love, was to create a set of goggles at a pricepoint that wasn’t going to break the bank when the kids lose them, stand on them or they get washed off your head, or left behind at the pool and that when you wear them didn’t leave you looking like a raccoon with goggle marks around your face so you could still go out after a swim session without attracting strange looks.

Its not all about vanity, but the goggles do look really good, and come in 2 different sizes, the smaller size in 3 colour ways (pink (marshmallow), blue(ice) and black (bumblebee)), the larger hunter goggles in white with a black lens (zebra). The thing that has amazed me the most is how comfortable they have been for so many different people. We sampled them in Margaret River before the school hols and you will be able to sample them in Busso in May.

The comfort, lens clarity and fit are really good. I loved my Zoggs predators but at $50+ a pair was fed up when I lost them and the nose piece snapped. The problem I had with Zoggs and especially larger, mask type goggles, is the interference and drag they cause when you push off the wall and dive into a pool. The speedo vanquisher didn’t have these problems but in open water didn’t give such range of vision. The Fiski Hunters fills that gap in the middle fabulously.

I tested them during a 5km red mist session at Swim Smooth Perth. I rarely had time to take them off over 1 ½ hours. They didn’t fog, didn’t need adjusting and I didn’t look like a racoon when I finished, just a beetroot.

I also loved the measurement marks on the strap. I always find it annoying when you lend a pair, they get adjusted and you never quite find the right spot again. A problem no more.

I liked them so much, as did my kids, and the mermaids who bought them on chance and wore them during the Port to Pub without any problems!. I’ll be selling them direct on the Swimming Women website soon but I have them in stock if you want to simply e-mail me. They cost $25 and you can find out more here https://www.fiski.com.au

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